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Global Platform Palestine-ActionAid Palestine and Alternative Information Center to Organize Environmental Voluntary Activities

A number of young volunteers from Alternative Information Center are participating in voluntary activities to save environment in Bethlehem in the south of West Bank within the activities of ActionAid Palestine’s programme “Civil and Democratic Participation of Palestinian Youth” on the occasion of International Youth Day

Celebrating International Youth Day


Bethlehem- Global Platform Palestine (GPP)-ActionAid Palestine (AAP) organized a voluntary environmental activity under the slogan of “Stop Using Plastic”, in partnership with Alternative Information Center (AIC). This activity is part of GPP’s annual activities and campaign that are implemented on international Youth Day (IYD) which falls on 12th of August each year. The theme of this day for this year is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. This activity was lunched in Beit Jala via AL-Makhrour tourist route through Battair spring to anchor up to 10 km. 40 young volunteers from AIC and AAP’s programme of “Civil and Democratic Participation of Palestinian Youth”     

This activity began with welcoming young volunteers and thanking them for their commitment and presence despite the exceptional health conditions Palestine passes through due to the spread of COVID-19 in Occupied Palestinian Territory(oPt). It was implemented according to protocols of the ministry of Health to keep the safety of participants. Youth were organized in small groups and started cleaning Al-Makhrour ‘s tourist route by removing all garbage and plastic bottles to be recycled in Hebron. An active youth initiative based in Hebron supported through AAP ‘s programs will recycle those bottles.

 It is worth mentioning that this activity was implemented in accordance with the theme of IYD for 2020 which connects the local and national activism of youth  with the global impact of youth participation that focuses on climate justice for this year .It called  for a clean environment free from the use of harmful items affecting health and environment .This activity is a part of series of activities AAP implements  to celebrate this occasion. 

Background Information


ActionAid is a global federation working for social justice and gender equality and eradicate poverty. ActionAid works worldwide to empower people living in poverty and exclusion with focus on women’s rights .ActionAid works directly and closely with communities, civil society organizations, women movements and social groups and movements and other allies to tackle root causes of poverty and oppression. ActionAid deliver grassroots programmes to utilize efforts of global struggle movements working for a just, fair and sustainable world. Based on human rights-based approach and women rights’ principles, ActionAid seeks to fairly re-distribute powers through solidarity, empowerment, awareness campaigns and creating alternatives to ensure that everybody enjoys the right to a life of dignity, and freedom from oppression.

ActionAid in Palestine (AAP) is a part of that federation which started its work in Palestine in 2007 to strengthen the resilience of Palestinian People as ActionAid believes that they should enjoy their rights to freedom, justice and self-determination. AAP implements a number of programs through its engagement with communities and women and youth groups seeking to empower them and enhance their influential civil and political participation to understand their rights and undertake collective activism to address the protracted rights violations resulting from the prolonged occupation of Palestine. AAP works simultaneously to enhance their leadership capacity and knowledge to practice their citizenship in holding authorities and other duty bearers to account.

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Coordinator of Advocacy and Communication in Gaza Strip and West Bank


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