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Under COVID-19: ActionAid Palestine to Support Agricultural Projects Empowering Women and Protecting the Lands

photo of Aysha Abu Sninah  (47 years old )while she is working in the greenhouse to pick cucumbers through her agricultural project supported by ActionAid Palestine under crisis of COVID-19in one of the remote areas in Hebron governorate in  the south of the West Bank)


Aysha Abu Sninah (47 years old) is a mother of two children living in the old city of Hebron (H2) that suffers from marginalization and Israeli settlers’ violence and movement restrictions. This situation pushed her to approach ActionAid Palestine (AAP) to help her in establishing her own agricultural project on two and half donums  of land that She inherited a after the death of her father in one of Hebron governorate’s remote areas  in Area “C’ in the south of West Bank. This area is under full Israeli control that suffer from Israeli restrictions imposed over population, movement, planning and infrastructure, natural resource use, construction, and development.

(Photo of Aysha at the beginning of her enterprise after she received agricultural equipment and items from ActionAid Palestine at the beginning of COVID-19 crisis)

Supporting Agricultural Projects in Area “C” to Protect Lands

There are no late mornings for Aysha who wakes up every day at 4 am to go to her land and start work in picking and irrigating her agricultural crops. Through a grant provided by  AAP’s  project of “Valiance-Basala”, empowering women in H2,”funded by Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT),  Ayesha and  her unemployed husband started rehabilitating this land by building a greenhouse where they grow cucumber and other seasonal vegetables. Aysha said: “I enjoy working in agriculture and this grant helped me a lot in protecting my land in Area “C”.

(Photo of Aysha and her husband while they are picking cucumber inside the greenhouse through her agricultural enterprise supported by ActionAid Palestine)

Empowering Women and Strengthening their Resilience During COVID-19 Crisis

This enterprise will be a source of income that will enable Aysha to provide for her family under the deterioration of economic conditions due to full lockdown resulting from the outbreak of COVID-19 and loss of livelihood of her husband. Aysah said: “this grant and other savings supported me and my family financially and economically and provided me with income specially during these times and under any other conditions”.