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Where we work?

Where we work

We work at local, national, regional and international levels to protect, promote and advocate the rights of Palestinian people. We continue to work at community level but also extend our external impact to reach out beyond the geographic boundaries imposed by the Israeli occupation. We continue to expand our work to Palestinian communities that fall under the total Israeli Military control, namely Area C in the West Bank. We also seek opportunities to work in occupied East Jerusalem, which constitute a key area of vulnerability for Palestinians. We continue to provide life-saving and resilience building programming in the besieged Gaza Strip through bridging humanitarian and development action whilst advocating an end to the blockade and expanding the freedom of Palestinians in Gaza. Furthermore, we extend our external impact by engaging with existing and new groups, organizations, coalitions, networks and movements across national, regional and international levels. We will work with Palestinians inside the Green Line[1] and the diaspora to contribute to building Palestinian national unity and affirmation of the Palestinian identity. We will continue to strengthen the role of the Global Platform Palestine as a mobilizer, incubator and a Youth Hub to bring young activists together and support their ideas for enhanced civic and political participation. We will enhance collaboration and coordination with the Arab Regional Office to achieve common objectives at regional level.