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Who we work with?

Who we work with

We believe that Palestinian people living in poverty and injustice must be central in driving social, economic and political change towards the realization of their national and human rights. We prioritize the following rights holders and catalysts for change:

  • Women, who pay the highest price of unjust policies and patriarchal society which is reinforced by a patriarchal mindset and military occupation, must play a key role to shift unequal power and gender relations.
  • Young people are important drivers of change throughout the world. They also represent the majority of the population in Palestine. They experience high levels of unemployment, political disengagement and civic rights violations that are exacerbated by the oppression of the Israeli military occupation.
  • Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) are key to our mission: we work to support front line activists, HRDs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to protect and expand political space and participation in democratic decision making, as well as exposing the practices of the Israeli occupation at local, national and international levels.
  • Feminist organizations, alliances and networks: we are committed to working with and supporting women’s rights organizations, women human rights’ defenders and with feminist organizations.
  • The most disadvantaged groups whose rights are systematically violated due to practices, policies and norms that undermine their potential to take a lead for their future. We ensure intersectionality by looking into strategies to engage with people with disabilities, indigenous communities e.g. Bedouin communities, children and elderly people.