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Our Program Goal and Objectives:

Our Program Goal and Objectives:

AAP believes that women and young people must fight for their rights at their individual and collective capacity. Those rights are guaranteed under the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and under the International Human Rights Law. Whilst being in a state of liberation, it is a prerequisite that women and young people create the space to demand their rights in line with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), hold duty bearers, development actors and donors to account for overlooking the underlying causes of Palestinian people’s rights violations and to bring the international community to account for their responsibility under the 4th Geneva convention and for the complicity with the occupation of Palestine for more than seven decades. As agents for change, AAP facilitates and contributes to the empowerment of women and young people, supports their individual and collective actions that expand their freedoms, end violence against them, hold perpetuators to account and enable their leadership and influence over decision making processes at all levels for the realization of their national and human rights.

Correspondingly, the overall goal that ActionAid strives to achieve is that

“Palestinian women and young people shall become key actors in transformative change towards freedom and social justice”.

To realize this goal, ActionAid works  to achieve the following set of interrelated and mutually dependent strategic objectives:

  1. Palestinian society is more effectively engaged in addressing the root causes of all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination
  2. Palestinian women and young people are influencing and demanding accountability and responsiveness of “duty-bearers” at all levels
  3. Palestinian people’s protection and transformative resilience is enhanced
  4. Palestinian people are more capable to advocate for right-based responsiveness to Israeli occupation in Palestinian territory
  5. ActionAid Palestine shall be efficient, effective, agile, resourceful and sustainable