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How we contribute to transformative change?

How we contribute to transformative change

We continue to work over the long term in Palestinian communities with people living in poverty, exclusion and injustice, to strengthen individual and collective consciousness of their rights, agency and capacity to lead lives with dignity and identity. We also work directly with communities to understand the causes of poverty and injustice, such as unjust laws or policies, which are often generated in decision making spaces far from their localities.

We connect these communities and their organizations with other organizations and alliances to amplify their voice and impact in their struggle to attain freedom and justice. We campaign with and support communities’ abilities to shift and transform power at all levels, challenging patriarchy and other intersecting forms of oppression, and developing just, sustainable and equitable alternatives.

Our programming continues to be designed and based on the pillars of our human rights-based approach: empowerment, solidarity, campaigning and generating alternatives. This approach advances transformational and redistributive change by analyzing and shifting power and holding leaders to account. In working with people living in poverty and exclusion, we provide services and other forms of material support without substituting the primary responsibility of duty bearers to fulfil human rights. Service delivery remains part of our approach and will always be fully integrated with other core pillars of our HRBA.

We  link social justice efforts and struggles and build the collective power through broad alliances between communities, people’s organizations, social movements and other allies, working together across geographic boundaries, to achieve social justice and eradicate poverty.

We combat the danger of fragmentation in the Palestinian national identity; we continue to strengthen “power with” and enhance people’s togetherness from local, national to international levels. This includes linking communities together, build connectedness and enhance solidarity in the face of geographic fragmentation and enhance social cohesion between Palestinian communities.

We continue to facilitate platforms and avenues for people to come together, discuss and work on issues they feel necessary to achieve their rights and potential, for example through the Global Platform's youth hub activities. We strengthen regional and international connection with movements, in solidarity with the Palestinian cause - starting with the AAI wider federation.

We continue to build long-term partnerships - with local communities, their organizations, networks, and social movements, local and international NGOs, human rights organizations, research institutions, universities and academia, municipalities and local authorities, ministries and government institutions and members of the ActionAid Federation based on a shared understanding of human rights, social justice and feminism.

We seek to engage with local authorities, institutions and corporate actors and enhance their accountability – engaging constructively where possible but being willing to challenge where necessary. We will lobby and influence international actors (governments, humanitarian and development agencies including donors) through engaging with the general public in their countries and raising awareness about the context of Palestine, exposing rights violations and demanding actions towards holding the Israeli occupation to account for its unlawful practices against Palestinians.