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ActionAid Palestine to Start “Together Against Violence” Joint Campaign in Palestine with Releasing Orange Balloons on Israeli Checkpoints in H2

ActionAid Palestine(AAP) in Gaza and West Bank  opened the activities of the joint 16 days campaign for combating Gender Based Violence (GBV) with releasing orange balloons by women targeted through the programs and projects of  AAP at Abu-Alreesh checkpoin

Raising Suffering of Palestinian Women on Israeli Checkpoints

 ActionAid Palestine(AAP) in Gaza and West Bank  opened the activities of the joint 16 days campaign for combating Gender Based Violence (GBV) with releasing orange balloons by women targeted through the programs and projects of  AAP at Abu-Alreesh checkpoint which is one of the Israeli checkpoint placed in the old city of Hebron (H2). This activity was conducted on the occasion of the beginning of 16 days campaign for ending GBV in signal messages of solidarity and symbolize a bright and optimistic future of Palestine free from GBV and raise the political violence the Palestinian women are exposed to in this area due to Israeli occupation and policy of Israeli checkpoints.

This  activity was conducted  in partnership with the Hebron Governorate and local organizations in the presence of mass media to shed the light on the suffering of women who are exposed to investigation and  violence when they pass through Israeli checkpoints and stressing the fact that it is essential to protect women and show how the rights  of women are being violated. Furthermore, it showed how the  freedom of movement of women is being impeded. Activities are conducted on checkpoint is kind of advocacy efforts that are exerted to strengthen the resilience of women in those communities.  

Sara Daj’anah representing the association of the Women of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque says: “  thanks to AAP  for supporting this activity which strengthen the residents of H2  especially women  and attracts the international attention to suffering of Palestinian women and raise their demands of provision of international protection from political violence and GBV”.

Najwa Jaber who  lives in the southern part of H2 which is frequently exposed to settlers’ violence said: “ It is an important activity encouraging women to mobilize to participate in political activities demanding to end violence resulting from Israeli occupation”.

Samah Al-s’adah who is social worker working  for the  Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association says: “ this activity helps women to overcome fears and demand the international community to protect Palestinian women”.

This activity came with a 16-day joint campaign “Together Against Violence”  launched today, calling for prompt adoption of the Family Protection Bill and better access to services for GBV survivors. The campaign gathered a record-high of 68 national and international partners, which will roll out more than 100 coordinated activities throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

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