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AAP to launch International Youth Gathering in Solidarity with Palestine in Tanzania

Palestinian, African and European youth are gathering in the second international youth gathering in solidarity with Palestine

Campaigning for Palestine

ActionAid Palestine (AAP) organized the second  international Youth Gathering (IYG) in solidarity with Palestine in Tanzania with participation of 32 African, European and Palestinian young people through its  programme of “Civic and Democratic Participation of Palestinian Youth”. AAP brings Palestinian youth  from Gaza, West Bank, Green Line and Diaspora with international pioneers together to take part in an international advocacy and solidarity youth campaign advocating for justice, peace and self-determination for the Palestinians.

 Youth will be engaged in different raising awareness  activities and discussions about many Palestinian issues and history including  human rights abuses in the occupied Palestinian territories, the violations of international law and the historical causes of the injustices to the Palestinians as a way of advocacy aiming to convey the Palestinian messages  locally, regionally and internationally

Participants will learn the skills they need to lead campaigns in their communities and advocate for the rights of Palestinians. Youth-led campaigns will focus on  advocating for justice through public media campaigns.

AAP tries to motivate youth  all over the world in order to mobilize their community -related networks in forming joint positions, statements and actions that show active solidarity with Palestine and to lobby their governments to adopt more positive positions on Palestine

Background Information

ActionAid is ActionAid is a global federation working for a world free from poverty and injustice. It is a leading international charity working in over 45 countries. We work with the poorest women and children in the world, changing their lives for good. Our local staff provide immediate, hands-on support to women and children living on the margins of survival. Together we demand action at local, national and international level. We don’t walk away until we’ve achieved lasting change. 


For more information, please contact:

Riham Jafari Coordinator of Advocacy&Communication in ActionAid Palestine

Mobile Number: +972 (0) 595242890